The initial architect/client meeting is always free of charge.  It provides both parties the opportunity to outline the scope of the project and the services required.  The client would subsequently receive a written proposal detailing required services and fees.



From the new relationship a clear and comprehensive program is created, thereby focusing the client's wants and needs.  This phase involves evaluation and assessment of the site and program which results in the understanding of design opportunities. 



The design evolves through an active exchange of ideas between the client and architect.  New team members can be integrated into the process as engineers and contractors are selected.  This segment concludes with client approval of the final design development drawings.



Design team members including engineering services and/or consultants produce the construction documents under the management of the architect.  Jurisdictional approvals are received and project costs are updated by the contractor



Design team members work closely with the contractor to clarify issues and ensure that the design intent is followed. The architect maintains continuity with initial design objectives and resolves design changes.  The architect is the resource for answering questions concerning aesthetics, function, space needs, environmental impace, code requirements and construction methods.  The contractor builds the project from the construction documents, provides cost control and is responsible for the efficient management and quality of construction.

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